About Us

IP Bazzaar is an initiative towards successful commercialization of Intellectual Property. We aim at creating maximum opportunity to utilize IP and provide a gateway to explore the market. We promote innovation, and innovators to maximize their revenue based on their IP.

IP Bazzaar e-portal provides a unique platform to reach and connect with innovators and investors. Our mind to market approach provides a common stage for innovators, investors to identify, analyze and utilize the IP to its full commercial potential. We work with inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, private organizations, universities and government organization and facilitate the Technology Transfer process through the cumulative wide network and association.

IP Bazzaar- Intellectual Property Rights

Our efforts in creating such opportunities for Technology Transfer and Commercialization are not limited to customizing and uploading IP on our e-portal but we undertake specific activities to enhance visibility and provide opportunities such as live technology showcasing with events such as organizing buyer-seller meets, online auctions, etc.

Our scope of service involves negotiating and drafting licensing agreements, however, prior to that we perform various activities aiming towards technology transfer which make a strong base for fruitful negotiations. For instance, as a part of bouquet, we perform valuation, royalty rate determination, consultation services – IP policy, provide Investment Opportunities, IP auditing, Know-how services, IP Licensing and Contractual Services, Technology in-out Search, Technology Due Diligence, Technology Portfolio Management, Technology Consulting, Freedom-to-Operate Search, IP Valuation, License & Royalty, IP Merger & Acquisition , PCT National Phase Filings and IP Management.

OUR MISSION is to simplify the process of technology transfer and commercialization in such a manner so that an investor or a creator can easily strategize and maximize the revenue generated from an Intellectual Property, through our wide networks and associations facilitating the voyage of Mind to Market.

Strategize: a road map for best utilization of the intellectual creation;
Advertise: to cover maximum audience;
Familiarize: the right audience with the right creation to develop a mutual co- operation; and
Authorize: to utilize the monetary interests by various legal restraints.