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About us

Drawing from the achievements of its predecessors, IP League 3.0 emerges as a distinguished Inventor-Investor Meet, serving as a nexus where pioneering concepts intersect with strategic investment avenues for inventions.

Recognizing the pivotal role patents fulfill in preserving intellectual property and nurturing innovation, IP League 3.0 has been meticulously crafted exclusively for showcasing filed/patented inventions. This approach ensures the utmost caliber of innovation and investment prospects. The event is intended solely for inventors and investors to forge connections, engage in collaboration, and propel the trajectory of monetization path.

Event Highlights

Exclusive Access: IP [patent granted/filed] driven business entity will have exclusive entry to a precisely targeted audience of investors actively pursuing innovative concepts.

Pitch Sessions: Inventors are offered the opportunity to present their patented inventions directly to investors through structured pitch sessions, highlighting the uniqueness, market potential, and scalability of their creations.

Networking Opportunities: The event offers abundant networking avenues to connect, engage in discussions regarding potential collaborations, and delve into investment prospects extending beyond the pitch sessions.

Expert Insights: Participants gain access to expert perspectives on patent protection, intellectual property strategies, prevailing market trends, and investment prospects across diverse industries.

Collaboration Platform: Serving as a collaborative hub, the event facilitates the formation of strategic partnerships between inventors and investors, mentoring through expert jury panel, expediting innovation, and facilitating the commercialization of patented inventions.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of IP League 3.0, where mind meets market, and the future is forged through inventions!!!

Jury Members

Dr. Praveen Malik



Dr. Amit Dinda

Research Director

Amrita University

Vinod Sood


Hughes Systique

Niraj Sharan

Managing Director

Aura Industries

Sunil Goyal


Sopra Steria

Nitin Gupta



Lt. Col. Rajive Sinha



Salman Waris

Managing Partner


Manish Kumar

Principal Auditor



Anil Taneja

Vice President

Venture Catalysts

Addison Appu



Gaurav Kachru

Managing Partner

Superfuel Ventues

Sorabh Agarwal



Vinod Sood


Hughes Systique

Dr.Sunil K Shekhawat



Mukesh Malik


Aihsadhya Innovations

Piush Goyal



Anil Joshi

Managing Partner

Unicorn India Ventures

Navdeep Garg



Jeetendra Kochar


Lifeline Security & Systems


Technology Partner

Sustainability Partner

Academia Network Partner

Digital Marketing Partner

Legacy Partner

IP Partner

Knowledge Partner

Event Agenda

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Founder's Address
  • Pitch Session 1
  • Break & Networking
  • Pitch Session 2
  • Closing
  • High Tea & Networking


"Attending IP League at IP Bazzaar was an enriching experience. Impressed by the innovative ideas and quality of entrepreneurs showcased."

Sunil Goyal Sopra Steria

"Connecting investors with IP companies at IP Bazzaar was a fulfilling experience. I suggest holding such events twice a year."                                

Vinod Sood Hughes Systique

"Impressed by the innovations displayed at the event. A commendable platform connecting visionaries with promising ventures."

Mona Mathur Million Sparks Foundation

"Highly impressed by the quality IP-centered presentations. Kudos to the team for providing a platform where innovation meets excellence."

Ashish Jain The Startup Board

"The event was impeccably organized and executed, reflecting exceptional attention to detail.”                                                                       

Arun Agarwal Track Pack Innovation

"Extremely impressed by the discipline maintained by both presenters and organizers at IP League, ensuring everything ran on time."

Mukesh Malik Project GK

"Impressed by the innovation-led IP-based IP League at IP Bazzaar . Well done. ”                                                                                                        

Piyush Goyal Angel Bay

"Truly impressed by the hard work and involvement for their dedication and commitment to making the event a success .”

Smitiparna Satpathy TJ Tyres

"Impressed by the quality of inventors and their selection process for IP League.”                                                                                                                                

Anil Kumar Retd. Director (IPR) MSME

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