A Basketball Net That Follows You

A Basketball Net That Follows You

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The present invention is a basketball net designed to facilitate preferred directional momentum to an existing basketball. The basketball net is designed and constructed in a manner such that the basketball exiting the net has desired exit-trajectory and rotational spin. The present invention enables the basketball leaving the net to return towards the preferred direction, which is, field of play instead of an undefined random direction. The asymmetry is induced by either substituting existing cord segments with those having elastomeric properties, or surface treatment on internal face of the net at particular sections so as to create frictional differentiation.


The basketball net provides the desired exit trajectory; therefore the ball shall always retrace the direction of initial trajectory of entering the hoop. The advantages are

  • Perfect single user practice companion;
  • Helps maintain the pace of a game;
  • Avoids accidents by controlling the direction of exit – such as hitting an occupied spectator or rolling off onto the road to cause accident;
  • No structural changes needed for installation; and
  • No difference on the longevity of the product.





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Stage of Developments

The prototype is ready. There could be various design of the product and can be customized according to the needs. Manufacturers can be easily manufactured it with minimal factory set up.

Current Market

Basketball is one of the world’s most popular and widely viewed sports.

Since its inaugural year in 2001, the National Basketball Association s (NBA) “Basketball without Borders” (BWB) program has been held in eight countries within four continents as par t of the league s social responsibility initiative, “NBA Cares”. Between fifty and one hundred of the best young talents from Asia, South America, and Africa are selected to participate in the annual event which, in the summer of 2009, was held in China, Mexico, and South Africa.

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