An Improved Pedal Mechanism

An Improved Pedal Mechanism

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The present invention makes pedaling easier by changing the transversal angular position of one crank armwith respect to another in a standard bicycle.

The transversal angular position of one crank arm with respect to another is changed by changing the shape of the cottered bottom bracket spindle. The two pedal cranks are angularly displaced by 180 degrees in a bicycle. However, the present invention provides the angular position of the first groove with respect to the second groove. Therefore, the crank arms mounted on the grooves are also displaced angularly with respect to one another. Angular position of the first groove is displaced by 1 – 45 degree(s) with respect to second groove in clockwise or anticlockwise direction on spindle axis. This 1 – 45 degree(s) deviation of both cranks in the pedal mechanism decreases the need of torque for pedaling in the most efficient zone.


While cycling, the inertia of moving wheels provides momentum to the bottom bracket and the pedals keep rotating for some distance. However, since there is no additional torque due to 180 degrees angular displacement of the pedals, the pedalswould eventually stop due to friction.

For rotating the bottom bracket, the torque comes only from the push on the pedals by a rider. If an additional force can be added to this torque and pedals are at a specific angular displacement vis-à-vis one another, a rider would then have to push the pedal with lesser force resulting in lesser fatigue and easier pedaling. The additional force/torque can come theweight of pedals.


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The prototype is ready. There could be various design of the product and can be customized according to the needs. Manufacturers can easily manufactured it with minimal additional factory set up.

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India produces approximately 10% of the world annual bicycle production, which is estimated at 125 Million units

The annual domestic demand of bicycles in India is approximately 10 million units.

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