Automatic Water Supply Switchover Device

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Technical Description

The novel device is directed towards a Preferential Liquid Line Mechanical Switchover device which comprises of main housing, multiple inlets, at least one out-let wherein a transparent indicator. This device allows to get the preferred liquid from the outlet, for an example – at home, first preference is to get the water at out let either from fresh water supply or from over head tank, however when fresh water supply by authority is coming the preference would be given to fresh water instead of water from over head tank. This device is capable of automatic switchover from over head water line to fresh water line, when fresh water is available at the inlet.


In residential setup usually water storage over head tanks are installed to store water and supply it to resident’s convenience as per their usage without any pumping requirement. However, the infrastructure is so developed so as to install a dedicated line for supplying fresh water supply and other for drawing storage water.

The conventional method of plumbing requires installation of two separate water ways and therefore two separate pipe lines. Hence the cost


  • Reduce Plumbing Cost to almost 50%;
  • Each and every tap in a household have dual facility with¬† existing single line;
  • No extra electricity or maintenance cost; and
  • Plug and Play.

Areas of Application

Household and Industrial Water Supply

Estimated Manufacturing Cost

For bulk production of this device the actual cost would be in the range of INR 1000-2000. It can be sold in INR 5, 000.




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The prototype of the invention is ready.

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National Figure for Average cost of plumbing

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