Centralizer With Low Friction Button

Centralizer With Low Friction Button

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Centralizers are devices that keeps the casing or pipes in the centre of thewellbore. The centralizers with lowfriction buttons (preferably of teflon or tough resin), strategically arranged on its surface as the first contact point. The buttons are inserted or integrated in to the centralizer rather than being superficially attached, which helps in retention of the buttons on sudden and vigorous expansion and contraction, during application.


The centralizer with low friction buttons reduces the cost of drilling by minimizing the wear and abrasion of the centralizer, due to low friction buttons that act as the first point of contact on the centralizer thus reducing the damage and increasing the longevity of the product.

Further, the lowfriction buttons:

  1. Reduces the start up torque;
  2. Minimizes the torque loss during drilling operation; and
  3. Provides lowest co-efficient of friction.

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Drilling Tools and Equipments

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The prototype of the invention is ready and is being sold in many jurisdictions. The inventor is looking to license the technology.

Current Market

Douglas Westwood believes that if oil prices average between $50 and $70 per barrel in 2015, total wells drilled could, in fact, be expected to increase by 17 percent by 2020 with the number of deep-water wells increasing by 32 percent over the same period.

Therefore, the demand of drilling equipments such as centralizers is predicted to beona rise.

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