Dual Centralizer For Wellbore

Dual Centralizer For Wellbore

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A dualizer with two rotating bodies rotating on a ring clockwise or anticlockwise on its own axis.

The centralizer comprises of two bodies, selectively rotatable on the axis of a stop ring both in clockwise and anticlockwise direction, with the centralizer itself being in position due to the inbuilt locking screw. The rotatable portion separated to forman upper and a lower body having blades which help in swirling motion during the cementing operation. The upper and lower bodies are adjustable to various angles as per the requirement of the operation. Further, the two bodies are fitted onto a ring by a locking mechanism.


The rotating dual body ensures:

  1. excellent rotational performance inmud;
  2. exceptionalwear resistance;
  3. Torque reducing performance which increases the swirling of cement slurry;
  4. axle shear stresses remain within elastic limits;
  5. an advantage of integral stop; and
  6. free clockwise aswell as anti clockwise floatation on its axis.

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Drilling Tools and Development

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The invented product is ready and is being sold in many jurisdictions. The inventor is looking to license the technology.




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Ever increasing demand for energy globally is expected to be the major driver of thewell casing market. The globalwell casing market is projected to be valued at $2,592.9 Million by 2019, at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2014- 2019.

Therefore, the current technology can be implemented and commercialized worldwide.

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