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A water purification system comprising of plurality of filtration and purification levels; and a system to activate/deactivate one or more levels depending on the quality of water.

The system comprising of an inlet forwater, a pre – carbon cartridge, plurality of semi – permeable membranes, printed circuit board, a post – carbon cartridge, reservoir chamber, an ultra – violet and/or ozonization source, a water quality assessing device, a means/indicator to indicate the quality of water and an outlet for purified water.

The levels of filtration and purification are activated/deactivated by aPCB(printed circuit board).

The working includes determining the initial TDS of the supply water coming in, and based on the readings activating or deactivating one or more filtration systems to maintain a constant TDS output.



The invention determines real time selection system to select the level(s) of purification depending on the input quality of water; therefore economizes the cost of operation by reducing unnecessary wasteful treatment and prolongs the life of the filters by reducing unnecessary engagement of filters.

Areas of Application

Domestic Water Purifiers

Estimated Manufacturing Cost

For bulk production of this device the actual cost would be in the range of INR 1000-2000. It can be sold in        INR10, 000.




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Exclusive and NonExclusive License Sell off in Indian and Australian Territory Joint Development Opportunity


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Stage of Developments

The prototype of the invention is ready.

Current Market

According to a recent report, published in Business Standard, water purifier marketing India is likely to touch Rs 7,000 crore by 2015 from the current level of about Rs 3,200 crore, an Assocham study has said.

Water purifier segment in India is growing at a compounded annual growth rate of about 25% and is largely driven by rising sales of lowcost variants triggered by extreme shortage of drinking-water and dwindlingwater table, the industry chamber said.

Besides, sales of water purifiers across India are likely to cross 1.5 crore units by 2015 from the current level of over 78 lakh units, it said.

The invention can be used on a global scale as the demand for membrane based filters is on a constant rise.

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