PTO Transmission Casing Mechanism

PTO Transmission Casing Mechanism

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A novel Power Take Off (PTO) transmission casing system and its arrangement. The present invention completely replaces the traditional power transmission casing system which includes an inner and outer tube yoke, end yoke and UJ kit. Further, the present invention provides improved power transmission system with increased all round mobility and durability.

According to the present invention, there is a power transmission system, associated vehicle having novel metal ball/spherical arrangement in place of traditional UJ kit and Yoke arrangement. The transmission system has power input means for receiving power from the engine, special ball
arrangement means for communicating power from the power input means to the drive axle, a PTO shaft having first and second end for use in selectively driving first and/or second associated implements.

According to another aspect of the present invention, a method is also provided to selectively provide power to drive first, and then to the associated implements through a transmission mounted on vehicle. The transmission has a housing and power input means for receiving power from the engine. Power is then communicated to an intermediate shaft that is rotated.


In the present invention, the PTO shaft is located within the transmission housing, thus lubricating simultaneously the first and second transmission means, the intermediate shaft and the PTO shaft; therefore minimizing the maintenance cost, increasing the durability and minimizing the noise during operation.

Further, the invention increases the transmission power in PTO device, increase the torque and rotational angle of the PTO device.

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Agriculture and Farm Implements




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The product is ready and the passed all feasibility tests.

Current Market

The Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft is an efficient means of transferring mechanical power between farmtractors and implements.

Agriculture is a significant sector of the Indian economy and over 70% of the country depends on it as their major source of income. Farmers are adopting modern agricultural technologies to increase farm yield due to the increase in demand for food supply. The agricultural machinery market
is predicted to growat a CAGRof nearly 8% during the forecast period.

Therefore, as the machinery market is expanding, so are the implements driving off power from the farmtractors. The figure above shows the types of implements that are used in the various stages of farming, thus increasing the commercialization potential of the current invention.

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