Self Illuminating Cheek Retractor

Self Illuminating Cheek Retractor

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An illuminating cheek retractor capable of being affixed into the oral cavity of a patient and providing light for the examination of oral cavity; without any external power source.

The device uses chemical luminescence to illuminate the oral cavity with uniformintensity and high color rendering index (CRI) almost mimicking the natural light. The chemicals are replaceable, making the device perpetually reusable.


  • The device is small, compact.
  • Does not require any external energy source.
  • Economic and energy efficient.
  • Easy handling Dental Operatory Lights (DOL) making the process of examination or treatment easier even in inhospitable conditions or in make-shift arrangements.


  • Safe
  • Easy to refill
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to sterilize
  • Durable
  • Manageable
  • Portable–therefore can be deployed anywhere
  • No need for constant adjustments
  • Independent of any setup requirement,
  • Chemical luminescence–no external power source


The current invention can be used in emergencies, power affected dental or ENT hospitals, areas with limited electricity, relief camps–natural emergencies,war affected areas, geographically remote areas etc; and

It can also be used as an ancillary to conventional Dental Operatory Lights (DOL).

It can also replace the existing conventional lighting systems.


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Exclusive and NonExclusive License Sell off in Indian and overseas Territory Joint Development Opportunity


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Stage of Developments

The inventor is seeking cooperation in developing a prototype of the Device and further selling the technology.

Current Market

The dental industry as a whole was valued at approximately US$ 100 billion in 2015 according to a report published by the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), and is projected to reachUSD250 billion by 2020.

The Indian dental care services market US$ 1.16 billion and oral care market US$ 1.8 billion.

The potential size of India’s dental market is vast and is expected to become one of the largest single country markets for overseas dental device and materials exporters.

India’s market for dental products is extremely dynamic, with a current estimated growth rate of between 25 to 30%.

Therefore, there is a huge market for the current technology, in India and abroad.

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