Tuber Crop Harvester, Processor, And Collector

Tuber Crop Harvester, Processor, And Collector

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A tuber crop harvester, processor, and collector that can dig out, remove the stalk, and collect the tuber crop without damaging it.
The device comprises of a rack or a frame, for strengthening, integrating and reversibly attaching the device on to a towing locomotive; a dig and lift assembly, to dig out and lift the tuber from
the ground; a conveyer unit with receptacle, the receptacle receive the dugout tuber and the conveyer unit, transports it to the processing unit; a connecting rod, connecting dig and lift assembly with the conveyer unit, to allow restrictive movement of the dig and lift assembly, relaying the tuber to the receptacle with precision; the processing unit, comprising of at least one rotary blade to remove the stalk of the tuber; a chute, for relaying the processed tuber to the
collection unit; a collection unit, for storing the processed vegetable provided with a door to empty the contents; a cover, placed on the top of the conveyer and processing unit to avoid human accidental contact and guiding the stalk away from the chute.


The device can be powered via Power Take-Off system of the towing locomotive and is compact, portable, mobile, inexpensive, and robust.

Areas of application

Agriculture and Farm Implements




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Stage of Developments

Complete working machine is developed and the inventor is looking for investment for large scale manufacturing and marketing.

Current Market

Plowing and cultivating machinery is expected to be the fastest growing product type through 2016, expanding 9.1 percent per year to $10.7 billion as farmers in developing nations purchase larger and more complex tilling equipment to increase the productivity of their land. Aftermarket parts and attachments demand is projected to increase at the slowest rate, climbing 5.5 percent per year to $27.8 billion in 2016 as the durability of new machinery continues to improve, thus limiting repair and maintenance spending.

Therefore, the present machine has wide scope of commercialization worldwide, specially benefitting small farm owners.

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Ms. Shruti Kaushik

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